about a girl.

Hello! My name is Dana and here I am on a random road in the Golden Circle region of Iceland. (An unbelievably surreal place.) I initially took this photo for my Instagram as part of my travel story while I was there. But I also took it because I wanted to somehow try to convey how big the world is, and how small of a presence I am, we all are, within it. It can be hard to feel significant on this Earth amid the bustle and strain of day-to-day life, and this is why, as a woman with a full-time job in New York and more student loan debt than I care to admit, I make every effort to go out and learn things I don’t yet know and encounter food, people and cultures I can absorb. Regardless of what my day job is, I am determined to become a citizen of the world and to keep an open mind, a grateful heart and an adventurous spirit.

Wherever I end up, I can’t wait to go.